Can UV Light Kill Coronavirus?

From the article.."Yes, ultraviolet light in the "C" range, also known as UVC, has been shown to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The big challenge with using UV-C light is being sure your UV lamp provides a large enough dose of UVC light to all the surfaces you need to disinfect, such as a mask, phone, or an entire room, and that you are not exposed to the UVC light, as it is dangerous. UVC works fastest and most reliably on non-porous surfaces, but it may be easier and faster, as well as safer, to clean such surfaces with liquid disinfectants."

"...This means that the effective dose needed to kill the virus to the point of being undetectable on the N95 fabric was 18 mJ/cm2 and, on steel, it was just 3.6 mJ/cm2.

Purity Light's internal clinical study and measurement determined it's fluence output of .214 mJ/cm2 at a distance of 39", correlating to a time of 16.8 seconds to kill coronavirus on steel at 39".

Further reading of the article and study.